JUNE 27TH, 2017

4:20 pm – 5:20 pm

Over the last few years, several major international companies have abolished the traditional and formal system of performance management in favour of more informal models of social learning and continuous feedback. What does this mean for the future of performance management, compensation strategy and human resources?

In this panel discussion, several HR Leaders will discuss how they are reinventing performance management at their companies and will share some of their key learnings, including:

What do you gain and lose when reinventing performance management?
Are formal employee evaluation systems really dead?
Defining individual and group success without formal
How do you have informal review conversations by the water cooler?
How do annual pay increases and bonuses work in the new world of performance management?
What is the best way to communicate about the link between compensation and performance without a transparent, numerical evaluation system?

  Natalka Falcomer – Legal Columnist, Real Estate Magazine; Founder, Groundworks Realty Services